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  • SKU: 553081
  • Model Number: 5687

Electric Wallcovering Steamer for easy removal of wall coverings

Ensures a smooth finish for all your concrete jobs, big and small.

  • Manufacturer: Van Mark
  • SKU: 744836
  • Model Number: M10

10'6" aluminum siding brake

  • Manufacturer: Tsurumi Pump
  • Model Number: TPG3-4500HDX

4500 watt generator, contractor grade heavy duty unit built to handle tough rental applications

  • Manufacturer: Tsurumi Pump
  • Model Number: EPT3-80HA

3" trash pump with honda engine, low oil alert, Silicone carbide mechanical seals, true vibration isolators and High Chrome impellers are standard on all Tsurumi trash pumps

  • Manufacturer: Tsurumi Pump
  • Model Number: EPT3-50HAT

2" trash pump with honda engine, low oil alert, Silicone carbide mechanical seals, true vibration isolators and High Chrome impellers are standard on all Tsurumi trash pumps

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: 22979

The TRX/STX Trailer is designed to make hauling either the TRX Trencher or the STX Stump Grinder a breeze. Bed guides ensure proper alignment on the trailer, and a sliding bar with one-pin connecction in the back makes sure the load is properly on the trailer and secured into place

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: 23165

The Leveler is an excellent choice for light grading, backfilling, leveling of terrain, and as a platform for carrying materials to and from the jobsite

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: 22973

The TRX20 Trencher is a dedicated track trencher featuring the pantented Toro TX control system, giving the operator incredible ease of control, cross-trenching capability, and the power to trench. The unit is balanced on optimum length tracks, and therefore needs no trailing front wheel which can knock spoils back into the trench and bind up in a trench, while keeping the tracks comfortably away from the operators feet

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: 22806

The Univeral Swivel Auger Power Head is designed specifically to power up to 18" auger bits for plumb holes in uneven terrain, making it an excellent tool for digging multiple, repetitive holes for trees, poles, fence posts in uneven terrain conditions

  • Manufacturer: Sumner Manufacturing
  • Model Number: 783652

2124 Contractor Lift Assy

  • Manufacturer: Karcher Shark
  • Model Number: DGA-252737

Commercial-grade, gas-powered, portable cold water pressure washer with aluminum frame to protect from corrosion. Incredibly maneuverable, even through mud, dirt, gravel and grass

  • SKU: 101089
  • Model Number: 32820

Cutter 1/8"-2", Heavy-Duty 2-A

  • SKU: 432070
  • Model Number: 31105

Pipe Wrench 24" lightweight aluminum 824

  • SKU: 432039
  • Model Number: 31100

Pipe Wrench 18" lightweight aluminum 818

  • Model Number: 36505

Threader with dies, No. 12-R: Capacity 1/8"-2"

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 111540
  • Model Number: 475

Porta-Nails Twin Trigger 20 is designed to install 1/ 4” to 7/16 “engineered and solid flooring. This is an ideal tool to use when the top layer of the floor is less that 1/16” thick. The thin staple helps to reduce the risk of dimpling the floor. This 20 gauge flooring stapler offers a dual trigger for optimum comfort. Use its conventional trigger for positioning behind the tool. When positioning in front of the tool use the secondary trigger located at the rear of the tool. Both triggers provide the optimum positioning for your trigger finger and ensures the proper firing position for the ultimate in precision, comfort and firing accuracy. A tool free adjustable shoe is featured which accurately configures for 1/4 “ to 7/16 “ thick flooring and delivers a 1 In. x 20 Ga x 3/16” crown staple. This tool is built for long life with a steel cylinder, metal piston, driver blade and a built in safety that helps to prevent accidental firing until the to

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 705816
  • Model Number: 470

The 470 Portamatic TL pneumatic flooring nailer is designed to nail ¾” thick wood flooring and includes a shoe pad for nailing ½” wood flooring Designed to accept 1-1/ 2 or 2” Flooring nails T OR L Flooring nails. You choose the Porta-Nail flooring fastener T or L based on the style you are now using or style that is readily available to you. Operates at 70-90 PSI @ 3.5 cfm. A light tap of the mallet ensures the Porta-Nail is set tight in the proper location every time for a wood floor that stays put. The Portamatic TL is light weight; easy to use has an integrated safety to prevent accidental discharge. Porta-Nails 16 ga. flooring nails are made of the finest materials and well defined serrated barbs to provide superior holding power and will not let go. Porta-Nails are also available in stainless steel for ACQ treated materials. Cat # 47090 Wide Profile Shoe is available to position Portamatic TL in front of tongue to provide balance and protecti

  • Manufacturer: MK Diamond
  • Model Number: 165486

The MK-BX-4 uses a patent pending misting system to control dust generated during cutting. The ergonomically designed, easy to grip nylon handle with built-in lockable trigger switchhandle allows for easy operation and control for either left or right handed cutting. Unique features include a removable plastic tray and a locking table with an adjustable depth stop to prevent cutting through the table. Portable and lightweight, the BX-4 encorporates an Open-back design that allows for material up to 16" long and 5" deep to be cut and the plastic dust collection pan with replaceable dust filter make on site dust control a snap

  • Manufacturer: MK Diamond
  • Model Number: 153243

The MK-101 Pro24 features a fully enclosed high torque, fan-cooled, micro V-belt drive motor with permanently lubricated, dual-sealed, heavy-duty blade shaft bearings. A multi-position motor post and cutting head enable convenient cutting of various tile sizes and the built-in water distribution system supplies water to both sides of blade. The 101 Pro24 encorporates a variable height cutting head that allows for plunge cuts and use of blades smaller than 10" in diameter. The rugged Cast aluminum blade guard and motor post with a one-piece reinforced zinc-plated steel frame accommodates 6" and 8" profile wheels. A simple blade shaft lock makes for easy blade removal and the linear-bearing and chrome plated guide-bar assembly ensure precise cutting of tile up to 24" in length and 14" on the diagonal. Made in the USA with a One-year limited warranty

  • Manufacturer: MK Diamond
  • Model Number: 159943

The MK-370EXP features a Powerful high-torque motor with a maintenance-free, self-lubricating pinion and gear-box assembly. The tilting head allows for precise 45º miter cuts and a Variable height cutting feature allows for plunge cutting up to 2". The 370EXP has a sliding aluminum die-cast cutting table that rips 18" tile and 13" on the diagonal. The 3/4" diameter chrome-plated linear guide-bar system and single piece zinc-plated steel frame provide rigidity, strength and durability. A simple, hinged blade guard enables easy blade changes and the removable thermoplastic water reservoir makes for easy cleaning and maintenance of the saw. This item comes with a heavy duty on/off switch, built-in water pump receptacle, and 7" diamond blade & submersible water pump included. One-year limited warranty

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • SKU: 112559
  • Model Number: AM1-PH65-08M

13.1 CFM @ 100 PSI, Wheelbarrow Compressor, 8 Gallon Storage Capacity, 196cc Honda GX200 OHV With Low Oil Shut Down, Stainless Discharge Hose

  • Manufacturer: Mi-T-M
  • SKU: 619856
  • Model Number: AC1-HE02-05M1

2 HP 110V Twin Stack Compressor, 4.1 CFM @ 100 PSI, Stainless Discharge Hose

  • Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tools
  • Model Number: 6509-22

11 Amp Sawzall Recip Saw w/Case