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  • Manufacturer: Doolittle Trailers

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Moving Boxes Various Sizes
Wardrobe Boxes with Metal Hanger
Heavy Duty Dish Packs 18x18x28
Mirror Boxes adjustable 24×33-40
Bubble Wrap
Mattress Covers
Packing Tape
Rope various sizes
Shrink Wrap
Wrapping Paper

U-Haul has local or one-way rentals available in truck sizes 12′, 16′, 22′, or 26′.
For one-way rentals that need a car hauler U-Haul offers Tow Dollies (2 front wheels on dolly),
or Car Carriers (entire vehicle on trailer). These are not available for local rentals.

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0063-0341

8' Aluminum Folding Ramp, Pair