Bandit Woodchipper [Default Title]

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The Bandit Model 65XP is a compact, easy-to-tow 6-inch capacity disc-style chipper. Unlike most machines in the 6" class, the 65XP has a large infeed throat - at 12" wide x 6" high it is DOUBLE the size of most competitors machines. This allows the Model 65XP to easily process multiple stems as well as large pieces up to 6 inches (150mm) in diameter.

  • Capacity: 6in
  • Opening height: 6in
  • Opening width: 12in
  • Feed rate: 80ft/min
  • Fuel tank: 7 gal
  • Machine width: 6ft
  • Machine height: 8ft
  • Machine length: 13ft
  • Machine weight: 2000lbs

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