Bomag Remote Trench Roller [Default Title]

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Superior compaction.

With an operating weight of around 1.6 t, this multi-purpose compactor achieves outstanding compaction results on soil compaction in trenches, sewers and on pipeline construction.

  • Reliable radio control. With radio/cable remote control, problems caused by intense sunlight, shoring work, or the simultaneous use of other machines are eliminated. Frequency adjustments and malfunctions due to mechanical wear no longer apply.
  • Earthworks revolution. The first remote-controlled, multipurpose compactor that knows when it’s finished. With ECONOMIZER, the operator knows when optimum compaction has been achieved.
  • Built-in safety. The fully encased exciter housing prevents water and dirt ingress, as well as abrasion to the hydraulic hoses. This increases operational safety and prevents costly repair work over the long term.
  • Safe response. If the operator enters into the close vicinity of the machine, the travel system is automatically stopped by BOSS (BOMAG Operator Safety System) to prevent accidents. Nothing could be safer.
  • Quickly extended. Reliability from experience: the original BOMAG drum extender allows you to adapt the working width from 24 to 34 inch in just minutes.

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